Sunday, June 01, 2008


I have really enjoyed this last year of freedom from work...I have painted my kitchen(almost 3x)couldn't find the right color! Cleaned the house from top to bottom and found a bunch of stuff to sell at the citywide sale in August. Taken all the seasonal decos I had in cardboard boxes from the attic, they are now stored in clear plastic containers in the basement on shelves. Have moved some plants in the garden to more appropriate locations. Dug out many black-eyed susans at least 6 bags and gave them all away. Still have more to remove...I made the mistake of letting them self seed for 2 years and they just went crazy, won't do that again. Now, I'm thinking of opening my shop again...would really like to retire, but that will probably never happen. My hubby is finally looking at building me a potting shed...that would make me very HAPPY, no more hauling lawn movers and snow blowers to his shop! Will try to get some more pics posted tonight.
Hubby made me some copper tips for my soldering iron hoping that will solve the problem of the tips corroding. He just walked in the door, he was in Dousman helping some kid with his gokart. Guess I will start dinner.


uncle wilco said...

Look forward to seeing some pics of your shed, maybe you can share it with our sheddies?

Idamaria said...

I would be delighted to share...if it will ever be constructed!

Kathie said...

Really have enjoyed visiting your blog today.
Blessings from Costa Rica

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