Friday, November 30, 2007


Here is some eye candy for you to peruse. Will be posting more hand soldered charms this week. We are going to receive our first taste of "old man winter"this weekend...freezing rain and snow. The weather man says not to shovel that first layer of snow, it will be easier to shovel if there is frozen rain on top of the snow, but I wonder if that makes it more difficult to use the snowblower??? I don't trust those weather people anyway!
I collect the little red Santa's made in Japan, from the early 30's. Just finished setting up my collection and will post a photo of them as well.
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Custom Charm Bracelet

Click on the image to enlarge. This bracelet was customised for one of my kindred spirits and has been sold. The dime in one of the pictures was included so you have some idea on the size of the charms. If you are interested in something similiar please email me at or leave a comment and I will get back to you. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Be Patient

My blog has mucho grande bits of info and images, so please be patient when visiting. It takes a few seconds or so to download. Also, please leave a comment and I will respond. Thanks for looking!


RAVEN COLLAGE don't ya just love his little top hot! He is delivering a message in a bottle (remember that old song). Please look closely at the little mouse looking for a" Room to Let" and the poem to rid the house of the mouse! Most of the images are taken from old volumes from the late 19th century. I have used diamond glaze and melted crayolas on canvas, then cut my own frame with paint. The collage measures approximately 5x7 sells for $85. Remember to click on the image to enlarge.


RAVEN COLLAGE don't ya just love his little top hat!

PathFinder Collage

The PathFinder Collage is on canvas. Distressing the background enables me to collage without having to fill every single space on the canvas. The images of the boy baby with crown and the girls on the fallen tree are vintage photos. I used paint and vintage style papers to fill, then stamped with some of my favorites. Adding mica glitter surrounding the baby boy adds a special touch, this collage has been sold.

Do What Makes You Happy