Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Racing

Everyone tries to move up after the green flag! Lots of bumping and pushing...


The 4 cycle kart with the black helmet is Heather. Cale races 2 cycle.


Cale my Son

The go-kart racer since he was 11, Cale and Dad(crew chief) have been racing gokarts! He is now 21. His sister, Heather also raced in the earlier years. Cale is now a nationally recognized winner and has had his picture on the front cover of racing magazines as well as a 2 page center in one of the magazines. Here are some pics of my racing children.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bearded Friend

Here is another of my many bearded men(usually with a Christmas theme, however, I have made over 70 old fellows and old ladies, fishermen, gardeners, angels, clowns and many more. They are one of a kind handsculpted wood and wire amature. The beard and hair is tibetan goat hair. I use vintage fabrics whenever possible with old buttons and toys. If I can't find what I'm looking for I distress new to look old. Hoping to start a fellow this month. I have been buys making my sodered jewelry, will post them soon.

Men with Beards

Here is one of my bearded projects, he is made of wood and wire armature, handscultped face and tibetan wool beard and hair. He is dressed with a vintage handsewn wool underdress and a wool childs sweater made into his hooded jacket. His boots are felted painted wool and accessories are mostly handmade and distressed to look old. I have made over 70 of my bearded friends, garderners, fishermen, professor, boy, clowns and many more. I have also made little old ladies, my time only allows me to make them with a winter(christmas) theme, since I need to feed my creativity with other projects. Hoping to start one this month.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Amazing sun Reflection and my lower yard...weeding is so-o-o relaxing

My favorite store in the big Apple next to Tinsel Trading!

ANTHROPOLOGY brought home a large stoneware cup with my intial on it as well as a juice glass with initial. Church where we went to Easter Mass last year. Flat iron building and the metal scultped trees in a park.


New York, New York! Manhattan is the is sweet, beautiful Giulianna, my lovely daughter Heather and me with the flowering crabapple tree outside my daughter's apt.

Folk Art on bldg near Central Pk My Collage of Heather on Canvas

More close-ups of my little cupboard which has been sold. More rugs!

More punch needlework....

Punch Needle

Friday, July 13, 2007

Punch Needle Rugs

Punchneedle rugs framed and distressed embellished with embroidery stitches.

Punch Needle Rugs

Punchneedle rugs framed and distressed embellished with embroidery stitches.

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