Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Altered Book

A shelf in my studio (my son's old room) my antique miniature bibles that soldiers would take to war and read for comfort. A jar filled with cotton velvet pincushions that I made and embroidered. A papier mache bunny body I found in a box of junk I bid on at an auction. He used to hold candy, he was headless so I made a bunny head out of paper clay and he's as good as new. Embellished with vintage crepe paper and tinsel around his neck and wearing a brass coin that says imagine. He's a keeper. An old compass, a bakelite pencil sharpener, a box of Bulldog shoe thread, a box filled with cotton embroidered Name-Tapes with the letters A and R in red on white cotton tape. These tapes were attached to a handsewn item. A collage in a box that I made and some vintage tools for leather, crochet etc. The whole cupboard is full of this and that. Will post more at a later dated. Must get some shut eye. Tomorrow I have an order to finish from my Etsy Shop, www.guidoneetsy.etsy.com stop by and take a look.

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