Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just the right amount of weathering on this beauty! She has two lift out trays
to hold your d├ęcor or tools if you so desire. You can find this in my booth Guidone & Co.
at the Odana Antiques Center in Madison WI
Are you a baby photographer? This hanging scale will hold up to
20lbs of newborn or a sack of potatoes, a plant, eggs, whatever you choose!
She has a very deep pan that will cuddle anything you decide for it's use.


This cupboard has over 20" wide boards with mortise & tenion construction.
It's very unusual in it's style, the top having shelving behind the door.
With one door missing, you can still display your treasures or use they way I have
by showing off your vintage suitcases for extra storage.

This little country Victorian cabinet is carrying many scratches & dings
from her history, yet holds her original stenciling! She is still
very useful and with her drawer and 2 shelves she would be
a sweet little addition to your home.
If you couldn't live with her scratches, you could always give
her some paint or refinish her.
I would use her the way she is, full of charm!

Do What Makes You Happy