Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cardinal Daddy Looking for Baby

I had the kitchen door open was the perfect summer day...I heard the frantic chirping of the male and female cardinals(I thought for sure some cat was after the nest of newborns) so I went out to investigate. I noticed the male kept hopping around the rock wall and sure enough there was the baby bird. He still had some downy feathers and was struggling to flap his wings. He didn't look anything like a cardinal except for a faint pinkish color in his wings. The images are a little blurry, it wasn't easy to get close enough for a good photo, but had to capture the protection of the little one. The baby was trying to get up on the wall and when he finally did it wore him out, he stopped chirping and the parents couldn't find him for quite awhile, he was sitting under the hosta leaves regaining his strength! The chattering and chirping went on all day, I left them alone and don't really know if they found each other again, but I assume they never gave up with all the noise going on.

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