Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Tomorrow I'm going to post pics of my Rosary Collection. I began my quest for rosaries because of my memories of catechism classes every Wed. night and confession every Sat. evening, I fibbed a lot and had fights with my brothers and sisters (OMG) and disobeyed my mother...the usual penance, several Hail Mary's an Our Father and an Act of Contrition, and so my search began. Once I started to collect a few, I thought I would incorporate them in my jewelry...just can't get myself to take them apart. So, now I'm looking for rosary remnants, broken, well worn and of course made in Italy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Robin's Nest

April 26th this perfect Robin's Nest was cuddled up in my hemlock pine. I was so excited to see 3 little charming eggs in the unusually clean nest. I told my hubby I was going to get my camera from my shop and take a picture of the little darlins. Well, the very next morning the nest had been tipped over and I saw a broken egg on the ground and this intack little one. I think a squirrel or a cat must have taken the other. The mother obviously couldn't pick up the egg, so I saved it along with the nest. She will build another I'm sure. Robin's nest are the best, they hold up well having been packed with mud and swirled with other found materials. Once I'm sure the nest in safe to handle, I will use it in my vingettes. I felt sad, yet very lucky to find this nest so clean and solid. The robin's blue is the most prettiest color!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Beautious Millinary Fleurs....

This is the very first time I have been able to find vintage millinary flowers and won the bid! Not sure how I am going to use them, but they are exactly what I have had in my "Mind's Eye".

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Little Black Case

To crochet or not to crochet, that would not be the question if you had this charming travel case. Filled with delightful handmade hook pockets and needle holds, one would have to learn to crochet or pass it on to someone who does. As you can see, there are metal and celluloid hooks, along with threads and string, embroidered letters and assorted tools. Of course, time has taken its toll on the little thing, but that only enhances it's charm. It is for sale in my etsy shop at as well as in our antiques center in Evansville WI. Located at 7 east main, Windmill Antiques.

Sque-e-e-eal A Sewing Treasure!

Look at this little diddy....for all you stitchers out there, what a treat. This little treasure is a hard find, the condition is a little rough, what do you expect? It's been around the block for a century! and look at all the delicious little do dads inside.

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