Saturday, October 15, 2011

Make-do Pin Cushions

I have just finished one of several make-do pin cushions that will be for sale in my etsy shop when they completed. This one is the latest with a heavy ecru fabric embellished with old and new found objects. The cushion sets on top of a vintage child's baby cup, now storage for sewing notions; to include a tin filled with old buttons, tatting threads and pins. The small rose colored velvet is a keeper, however, I will have 2 more similiar ones and 2 dark lavender coming soon.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Children's Plantings

The tall white pine was planted as a tiny sapling that my son Cale brought home from school. At one point several years ago the top 3ft had been broken off(how I don't know). I thought it would never grow another lead, so I decided to keep it low. Well, that proved to be a mistake, the branches just grew out with one pointing up, so I let that one take up the new lead and wow, it looks great. It's now around 20ft.tall. My son was very pleased because he thought it would always be a stump of a tree. He is 6ft 2" and now has to look up to his tree! A few years later, my daughter Heather and I planted 3 more saplings, they haven't taken off yet after 3yr, soon they will sprout up quickly. I love the sound of the wind moving throught white pine. It reminds me of my childhood in upper Michigan. Enjoy the view.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Finally Finished

My 4' collage is finally done! Filled with found objects, layers and layers of paint and papers, vintage door locks, frozen charlotte inviting you to "COME FLY WITH ME" HOPE you like it. Would love some feedback if you have time! Thanks for visiting.

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