Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New York

Just spent 10 days with my daughter in NYC...I had such a wonderful time!!! She lives in Manhattan on E 82nd St, we were in walking distance to everything that I wanted to see and do. Many pics of Central Park and the extraordinary architecture, found only in that amazing city! This little brick building was calling out to me, just down the street, from my daughter's apt. It has so much charm and it's the smallest original structure on the entire st. Found out it is owned by an 82 yr. old gentleman and his 78 yr. old wife. Maybe we could buy it and my daughter and I could start a business there!!!! Well, she did some searching on the web and found out they were offered 4 million and it has air rights, so that takes care of that blue sky. The last time we were there we visited downtown Manhattan and it was a real rat race. Her neighborhood was so normal and relaxing, mother's with strollers and young and old shopping and taking care of the everyday necessities of life. Really think I could live there, the big plus would be, being close to my daughter.
I'm a displaced yooper and if I can't live in the big apple, I'm going to go back to the U.P. eventually, there's nothing like the northwoods. This was typed up in May...had a heck of a time posting my pictures with flicker. When you get to my page click on yooperA, there are pics posted there.

Ca. 1861

Here are some close-up images. All of these pictures were scanned from a volume of Godey's fashions. The framed collage is 21 in. long by 17 in. wide. Would love to see the work of some of the other collagers in cyberspace.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

1861 Close Images

Here a few close-ups to my Godey's Collage. It measures 21 in. long by 17 in. wide. Any collagers out there?

Godey's Ca. 1861 Images

I have been spending many hours creating these collages...they are so-o-o much fun! I start with a blank canvas, paint, stain, distress, and stamp it to make it look old and used. I then scan vintage images, re-size, give it a patina, then print and distress with alchohol inks, stamps, etc. Cutting out the images is very time consuming, but I grew up with paper dolls and enjoy this part of the process. Placement comes next, then remove everything and start pasting! I seal the image several times, then make my own frames. Any collagers out there?
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