Monday, December 03, 2007

Santas Made in Japan

Here is my army of "Made in Japan" Santas, coming out from the forest of trees! Each handpainted face has a different expression, which is why I am drawn to them, if they could only speak and tell us the story behind the patina. Most of them have some kind of tattering or missing the bag or twig of greenery, that doesn't matter, it's part of their history. Most of them are felt, one is a candy container, a couple are ornaments. I just love the salem colored ones, they are more difficult to find and usually have been through the mill. I have yet to find one with a white coat with red trim as in the picture on the shelf. Most wear blue trousers, a black belt (one has a leopard belt)a sack on their back and a twig of greenery. My latest one has a paper outfit and molded hands. Click on the image to enlarge...HO HO HO!

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