Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas in Chicago 1956

Christmas at my Auntie Fran's apt. in Chicago. I think this was taken in 1956, I'm in the right hand corner with the plaid dress(I loved that dress)! My sister Renee on the far left, my brother Mark with the neat truck. Little sister Darice with the platinum blonde hair, and my cousins Pat and Susie. All I wanted for Christmas that year was a Tiny Tears Doll (the doll with the big head behind me) but my cousin Susie got it not me...I just wanted to cry! They had teeth, cried real tears and wet their diaper. I did get one the next year though! Look at all the icicles on the huge tree! The wall paper had these huge exotic birds and looked like bark cloth. My cousins lived in a brick brownstone on the 3rd floor. It was a very large apt. and had an arts and crafts style architecture. Auntie Fran was very strict about things and we had to straighten those icicles everytime we walked by that tree!

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