Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Soldered Jewelry

Finally found time to post my art jewelry, under glass. Some of the images are 2x3 inches and smaller! I have downsized the images, distressed them, then collaged and placed under beveled or flat glass, as well as under bubbles too! The images are then encased with copper tape and soldered and a vintage patina applied to give them a tin worn look. They are priced from $22 and up to $45. Whenever beads or other trinkets are added an extra $1.00 -$12.00 is added, depending on the item. Some of the charm bracelets have sterling silver charms attached or antique memoriabilia. They can be worn with ribbon, braided loom string, or ball chains in various lengths. I will be adding more very soon. If you are interested, please leave a comment. Or contact me via email: jguidone1@sbcglobal.net Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Hi, love your work! Beautiful, you have a good eye for design.

I have a question(s)..., what brand of pantina do you use (love the look), and I've heard that pantina will not adhere to lead-free solder, is that correct?

Thanks! Kyle.

Idamaria said...

Patina does adhere to lead free solder, over time it lightens just a little. The patina I apply allows my work to be different from most of the other hand soldered charms out there, so I can't give out my process. thanks for your interest.

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