Friday, October 14, 2011

Children's Plantings

The tall white pine was planted as a tiny sapling that my son Cale brought home from school. At one point several years ago the top 3ft had been broken off(how I don't know). I thought it would never grow another lead, so I decided to keep it low. Well, that proved to be a mistake, the branches just grew out with one pointing up, so I let that one take up the new lead and wow, it looks great. It's now around 20ft.tall. My son was very pleased because he thought it would always be a stump of a tree. He is 6ft 2" and now has to look up to his tree! A few years later, my daughter Heather and I planted 3 more saplings, they haven't taken off yet after 3yr, soon they will sprout up quickly. I love the sound of the wind moving throught white pine. It reminds me of my childhood in upper Michigan. Enjoy the view.

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