Monday, August 10, 2009

Windmills On Parade

Evansville is in the midst of an event called "WINDMILLS ON PARADE" just like cows on parade, horses on parade, lions on parade, etc. We will have 17 artist's work applied to pre-constructed windmills. 4 of the windmills have been installed and 4 more will be on main st this coming week. They will be auctioned off during our Windmill Harvest Fall Festival the first weekend in October. The auction will be held on Oct. 4th at 2:00pm. The artist will receive one half of the proceeds, the other half will be used toward the Harvest Festival. There will be activities all weekend long with live music, children's activities, pumpkin carving, food, a festival tent and much more! Plan on attending this fun-filled weekend! I will post a picture of my completed windmill within a few days. I still have to seal the cement and the paint. Can't wait to see the blades spinning away on Main St.

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