Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ca. 1861

Here are some close-up images. All of these pictures were scanned from a volume of Godey's fashions. The framed collage is 21 in. long by 17 in. wide. Would love to see the work of some of the other collagers in cyberspace.


firstborn said...

hi jean!

this is wonderful!

you are so handy with paper, glue and scissors!!!!!!

have you had a chance to do a blog search on "collage artists"? i am sure that there will tons of blogspots that will pop up....

and have you checked out "studio stuff girls" and "cowboy's sweetheart"...if you haven't already, you should, because they are collage artists that i know of...check their stuff out and leave a comment...that should get the ball rolling for you!

:) mary ann

Idamaria said...

Thanks Mary Ann,
This dial-up internet service is just outrageously slow for downloading images...Thanks for the tip, will visit the collage artists search and leave comments. Jean

iHanna said...

beautiful pictures and so great that you made a collage of them!

Idamaria said...

I'm so happy your mom has quit smoking! My mother hasn't and she is suffering for it...she's 77 with and oxygen tank constantly, shakes so badly she can barely hold a spoon and only lives to get on her scooter to go outside for a smoke. What a sad way to life out the end of her life. She has been in assisted living for many years, but now has to have constant care and lives with my sister. Please tell your mother congradulations! Jean

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