Friday, April 28, 2006


Looking for kindred spirits...I am involved in several areas of obsession. Gardening is my first love, however, I stitch, collage, alter books, make funky witches, old christmas men, and do needlepunch. I never make the same thing twice! I'm sure there are many more like me. I get bored with projects and usually end up trying something new. I never go to another project until I finish the one I started. My craft art is for sale, but I price them to get my time out of my work. Looking forward to blogging with creative souls like myself. Rosa

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firstborn said...

hi jean!

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for you!

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!!!

you'll soon become addicted like i am...

and don't you worry...there will be tons of people wanting to see your stuff you've created
once they discover your blog...keep posting your work!!!! and explore other blogs by doing searches...that's how i found many cool blogs with like-minded souls...

so glad i came into your wicked cool shop!!!!

will be by again soon!

happy blogging jean!

:) mary ann

p.s., i will put your blog on my links in my blog...that way anyone who visits my blog can potentially visit yours!

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